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Klineline Bridge Replacement

ELS Provided:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Coordination with Contractors & Regulatory Agencies
  • Complete Fish Removal
  • Salvage Reports to WDFW &  Clark County

Fish RemovalAfter

ELS played a key role in removing fish prior to dewatering an 800-foot section of Salmon Creek in Clark County, Washington for bridge removal, bridge construction, and construction of several pool and riffle complexes to improve fish passage.  An 800-foot section of the creek was diverted around the work area through an underground pipe that was constructed prior to fish removal.  ELS removed 879 fish including coho salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, and several other species using electro-shocking and sein netting techniques.  Captured fish were transported and released below the downstream diversion dam.


Northern Leopard Frog Habitat Enhancement

ELS was contracted by Aho Construction I, Inc. as part of a mitigation agreement with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to enhance northern leopard frog habitat near Moses Lake, Washington. ELS  conducted a wetland delineation and prepared a wetland mitigation plan for proposed impacts due to the creation of predator barrier berms and wetland breeding habitat for this state endangered species and federal species of concern. ELS biologists coordinated with multiple agencies to obtain the permits and approvals for the enhancement project proposed by the WDFW including the US Army Corps of Engineers for a nationwide permit, the US Bureau of Reclamation for project approval on federal land and compliance with the National Environmental Protection Act, the WDFW for a Hydraulic Project Approval and State Environmental Protection Act compliance, the Washington Department of Ecology for 401 Water Quality Certification, and the Washington Department of Natural Resources for project approval on state land.