Working Relationship with Regional Ports

Ecological Land Services, Inc. offers a full range of environmental and planning services with specific experience in port-related projects. We understand the environmental resources, impacts, and permitting processes that are essential to achieve successful economic development for ports, which often engage in water-dependent activities. We specialize in land planning and permitting, wetland mitigation and enhancement, biological assessments, wildlife surveys, habitat inventories, storm water plans, water quality monitoring, and stream restoration. These services are supported by our in-house AutoCAD design specialists. Our company goal is to provide cost-effective, professional services for each client’s individual needs.

Land Use Planning

  • Site Plan Development
  • Special / Conditional Uses
  • Rezone / Comprehensive
    Plan Amendments
  • Land Use Training Workshops

Land Maintenance

  • Invasive Species Management
  • Vegetation Management/Mowing
  • Ditch Maintenance
  • Agricultural Use Implementation
  • Culvert Maintenance and Upgrade



We understand that because the goal of ports is future job creation and long-term, sustainable economic growth in an environmentally charged climate, ports must successfully balance progressive development with increased public and agency scrutiny. We understand that port staff must serve their port commissioners, who in turn are selected by the residents of their port district.

Therefore, work performed by ELS must be cost-effective for the taxpayers, and it must withstand critical reviews within the public arena, and help protect port staff and commissioners from critical mistakes that delay or disrupt projects. While ELS works independently as resource consultants and biologists, we see ourselves as team members within the context of the port staff leadership and direction.


In other words, our reputation is on the line for our port clients.








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