Mandy is responsible for creating proposals, staff resumes, updating our Statement of Qualifications, and keeping the website up-to-date. She handles setting up accounts for new clients, and occasionally acts as a project manager. Mandy is also in charge of our client relations and travels around the state to different port conferences throughout the year to stay current on the challenges Ports in our region face. She interacts with Port leaders to help them stay on top of their environmental and permit related issues.

What is something about yourself that might surprise others?

In high school I played rugby. My school didn’t have a girls team so I played on the boys team. Rugby is an amazing team sport and it is so much fun to play!

What’s a fear you are proud to have overcome?

I have greatly improved at public speaking…for the most part.

What do you like most about working at ELS?

My coworkers! Everyone here is helpful, friendly, smart, and it’s a big family oriented environment!

What is the worst advice you have ever been given?

“World War Z is not a scary movie, you’ll be fine”…except that I have an unnatural fear of zombies and I had nightmares for months about that zombie that has the twitchy head and does the clicky thing with his tongue!