ELS biologists apply experience and knowledge to every project and our approach is very hands-on. We understand the importance of communication and developing good working relationships, finding the most efficient and cost-effective way for our clients to reach their goals. We acquire permits in a timely manor, we deliver high-quality services, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, and we have the experience to back it up and the reputation to prove it. This is the ELS advantage.

ELS Environmental Permitting Approach:

Stage 1: Project Planning
The goal of this stage is to develop a clear plan, scope of work, budget, and timeline for the project. This is accomplished through these key tasks:

  • Assess client goals and project needs
  • Assess project constraints
  • Identify required permits and advise client
  • Strategize time and cost factors
  • Understand and communicate potential "project-killers"

Stage 2: Permitting Strategy
In this stage the permitting path is established and the following tasks are accomplished:

  • Assess project viability
  • Develop optimal project path through collaboration and strategic planning
  • Collaborate early with agencies, property owners, and other consultants

Stage 3: Active Permitting
This is the key stage of the project. When this phase is complete, the client will have the environmental permits necessary to proceed with the project. The success of this stage hinges on the following tasks:

  • Collaborate with the client, agencies, and project team to optimize site layout and permit results
  • Develop and submit permit application package
  • Respond quickly to agency comments
  • Acquire permits

Stage 4: Post-Permitting Follow-Through
This vital stage in the permitting process is too-often neglected. Not so with ELS. We understand that permitting success means commitment and integrity to see the project through, long after it’s acquired. We take the following steps to protect our clients’ valuable interests.Provide support and feedback to ensure that permit guidelines are upheld throughout the project.

  • Provide support and feedback to ensure that permit guidelines are upheld throughout the project
  • Advise permit holders on conditions of permit and regulatory requirements. If requested, provide environmental and biological oversight during construction
  • Produce monitoring reports as needed for submittal to regulatory agencies
  • Coordinate quality maintenance services for mitigation creation site





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