Portfolio Category: Alaska

Trillium Mitigation Bank

ELS completed a draft wetland mitigation bank prospectus on 1,200 acres of privately owned land in the northern part of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. ELS inventoried the site using the WESPAK-SE assessment. The site contains fens, bogs, forested wetlands and the highly functioning El Capitan Creek which provides spawning habitat for several…

Juneau Wetland Management Plan Update

ELS biologists, teamed with Bosworth Botanical Consulting (BBC) and Dr. Paul Adamus, performing the Juneau Wetland’s Management Plan Update. This wetland mapping and inventory used the WESPAK-SE to rapidly assess and characterize priority wetlands for the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), as well as some privately owned lands within CBJ. ELS was responsible for…

Birds Survey, Juneau AK

This project involved performing a field survey for bald eagle nests within 700ft of the proposed project area as well as dawn marbled murrelet surveys at five different stations within the 700ft buffer. Eagle nest survey was performed with a helicopter while the murrelet surveys were from the ground. ELS’ wildlife biologist coordinated trainings, field…

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