Juneau Wetland Management Plan Update

ELS biologists, teamed with Bosworth Botanical Consulting (BBC) and Dr. Paul Adamus, performing the Juneau Wetland’s Management Plan Update. This wetland mapping and inventory used the WESPAK-SE to rapidly assess and characterize priority wetlands for the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), as well as some privately owned lands within CBJ. ELS was responsible for inventory and GPS field mapping of over 330 non-tidal wetland assessment units (AU), 15 tidal AUs and 48 off-site AUs, with total area covered over 6,000 acres; functional analysis of wetlands; compilation of data; co-present with Dr. Adamus in presentation to CBJ Wetlands Review Board, Planning Commission and Assembly Lands Committee; drafting of implementation section of management plan; and recommendations for CBJ management, permitting and mitigation of wetland impacts. The field work in this project was completed in June of 2016 which was one year ahead of schedule, with substantial cost savings to CBJ. ELS staff also resided in Juneau avoiding travel costs.

This project was highly complex, integrating comprehensive field data collection and mapping along with wetlands policy development, presentations and dialogue with review agencies, CBJ staff, stakeholders and elected officials. ELS was a major team member, along with BBC and Dr. Adamus, in developing a wetland rating system, and future management of wetlands and development within CBJ to allow for more certainty, timely permitting, and private projects within CBJ.

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