Portfolio Category: Administrative Environmental Services

Shoreline Master Program Update

ELS was contracted by the City of Longview to update their Shorelines Master Program (SMP) as required by the Shoreline Management Act. We worked closely with the City through six phases of the project. Phase 1 included identifying preliminary shoreline jurisdictions, conducting a shoreline inventory and developing a public participation program. Phase 2 included conducting…

Regional General Permit

ELS was contracted by the Port of Chehalis to develop a programmatic wetland mitigation plan for future industrial development as a component of the Programmatic Mitigation Plan Agreement between the Port of Chehalis and the Washington Department of Ecology. The project evolved into a Corps regional general permit (RGP) in early 2009. ELS has been…

Juneau Wetland Management Plan Update

ELS biologists, teamed with Bosworth Botanical Consulting (BBC) and Dr. Paul Adamus, performing the Juneau Wetland’s Management Plan Update. This wetland mapping and inventory used the WESPAK-SE to rapidly assess and characterize priority wetlands for the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), as well as some privately owned lands within CBJ. ELS was responsible for…

Critical Areas Ordinance Update

ELS has twice been contracted by the City of Longview to update their critical areas ordinance (CAO), first in 2006 and then again in 2015. This included providing background research of best available science (BAS) documents and an updated BAS bibliography of newly prepared published research. A summary report of the BAS review and an…

Birds Survey, Juneau AK

This project involved performing a field survey for bald eagle nests within 700ft of the proposed project area as well as dawn marbled murrelet surveys at five different stations within the 700ft buffer. Eagle nest survey was performed with a helicopter while the murrelet surveys were from the ground. ELS’ wildlife biologist coordinated trainings, field…

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