Critical Areas Ordinance Update

ELS has twice been contracted by the City of Longview to update their critical areas ordinance (CAO), first in 2006 and then again in 2015. This included providing background research of best available science (BAS) documents and an updated BAS bibliography of newly prepared published research. A summary report of the BAS review and an analysis of the Longview CAO issues relevant to the City of Longview was provided, including wetlands, fish and wildlife, and critical aquifer recharge areas. Throughout the process, ELS interfaced with outside consultants for review of geological and erosion control issues pertinent to the CAO update. ELS assisted with public presentations or open-house events, and with presentations and attendance at Longview City Planning Commission and Council meetings during CAO update review and consideration.  The first CAO was approved by the planning commission and adopted by the City in 2009. The second CAO update was adopted in June of 2017.

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