Portfolio Category: Wetlands & Streams

Oregon Stream Surveys

ELS was contracted by ODF for 22 miles of stream surveys throughout the Astoria District. The stream surveys were completed using electrofishing and physical stream data to determine the presence/absence of game fish on State property. ELS produced maps and associated physical survey data to ODF that will provide information regarding future timber sales and…

Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project On-Call Services

ELS is currently contracted by Lewis County PUD to provide as-needed environmental services on a 3-year term (2023—2026) for their Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project. These services include providing permitting, design, and assistance with construction management for projects that involve habitat enhancements, channel improvements, wetland restoration/enhancements, habitat mitigation, wildlife/habitat surveys, and water quality maintenance.  

Clark Regional Wastewater District On-Call Services

ELS is currently contracted by Clark County Regional Wastewater District (CRWWD) to provide as-needed environmental services on a 6-year term (2019—2024). These services include environmental permitting strategy and support, wetland delineations, critical area assessments, and mitigation plans. ELS is part of the project team from the initial planning process advising on permit triggers, timelines, and…

Well #6 Transmission Line Replacement

ELS was contracted by Kitsap Public Utility District #1 (Kitsap PUD) to conduct a preliminary critical areas identification for the Well #6 transmission line replacement.  The project was proposed through an existing easement across the Lovgreen Pit on Bainbridge Island.  Wetlands were present on much of the pit and there were streams leaving the wetlands…

Sakai Park and Trail

ELS was contracted by Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District (BIMPRD) to conduct a wetland boundary delineation and delineation report at the Sakai Park property, which is in the heart of Bainbridge Island and near a high school.  The property was an old farm property with a regionally important wetland and historical site. BIMPRD…

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