Portfolio Category: Oregon

Oregon Stream Surveys

ELS was contracted by ODF for 22 miles of stream surveys throughout the Astoria District. The stream surveys were completed using electrofishing and physical stream data to determine the presence/absence of game fish on State property. ELS produced maps and associated physical survey data to ODF that will provide information regarding future timber sales and…

Warrenton-Hammond School District Permitting

ELS was contracted in 2018 by the Warrenton-Hammond School District (District) in Warrenton, Oregon to conduct cri1cal area feasibili1es on mul1ple large proper1es within the school district boundaries to help in the selec1on for their new school loca1on. ELS mapped preliminary wetland areas, streams, and other cri1cal areas on the proper1es and prepared a matrix…

Clatsop County On-Call Services

ELS is currently contracted by Clatsop County Public Works to provide as-needed environmental services on a 2-year term (2023—2025). These services will be provided on a project specific basis, where ELS will develop a detailed scope and budget for each task order. Environmental work includes project specific feasibilities, field reconnaissance including ordinary high water mark…

North Coast Business Park

ELS has extensive experience in wetland delineation, functional assessment, and permitting in and around the Park, actively working with Clatsop County and potential North Coast Retail Center tenants addressing wetlands, streams, mitigation, zoning, and other land use issues associated with the site since 2003.  We were successful in addressing the requirements of the Consent Decree…

Ensign Lane Road Expansion

The Ensign Lane Road Expansion project, located in the North Coast Business Park, in Warrenton, Oregon involved delineating wetlands within the 150-foot right-of-way of the proposed road alignment.  ELS coordinated with Clatsop County surveyors to have the corridor flagged and partially brushed to make field work more efficient.  We were able to apply knowledge gained…

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