Warrenton-Hammond School District Permitting

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ELS was contracted in 2018 by the Warrenton-Hammond School District (District) in Warrenton, Oregon to conduct cri1cal area feasibili1es on mul1ple large proper1es within the school district boundaries to help in the selec1on for their new school loca1on. ELS mapped preliminary wetland areas, streams, and other cri1cal areas on the proper1es and prepared a matrix with associated graphics detailing cri1cal area constraints, developable areas, poten1al mi1ga1on costs, as well as permi5ng requirements, costs, and 1melines for each property. The District used this documenta1on, as well as other informa1on to determine which property to purchase for their new school.

After the property was acquired, ELS was then contracted by the District to provide permi5ng services for filling 3.48 acres of wetlands and 0.06 acres of regulated ditches to level the site for the school campus. The project included new elementary, middle, and high school buildings, parking areas, drop-off zones, athle1c fields, stormwater management facili1es, and an access road. ELS was responsible for receiving the US Army Corps of Engineers permit and SLOPES for ESA compliance, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 401 Cer1fica1on, Oregon Department of Land Conserva1on and Development Coastal Zone Management Cer1fica1on, Oregon Department of State Lands permit, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 1200-C permit, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife fish passage exemp1on

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