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Kalama Elementary Delineation & Kalama Elementary/Middle School SEPA

ELS was contracted by the Kalama School District in 2018 to determine the extent of jurisdictional wetlands and waters within a school expansion area, north and south of their existing school complex. ELS delineated one wetland, one stream, and mapped several non-jurisdictional ditches. A determination report was written and included methods, field results, map of…

Gold Street Wetland Delineation

ELS was contracted by the City of Centralia to delineate a 14 acre forested floodplain wetland. ELS conducted field work mapping wetlands and streams. Wetland delineation was performed using the Routine Determination Method according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and wetlands were categorized according to the Washington State Wetlands Rating System for Western…

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