Long Beach Mitigation Bank (LBMB)

ELS, as the environmental consultant for LBMB, proposed the first wetland mitigation bank comprised mostly of preservation credits of high quality wetlands and habitat in Washington at risk from future residential development, logging, and cranberry bogs conversion in 2007. LBMB is located in Long Beach, Washington and consists of 80 acres of wetlands, old growth forest, and mature forest.  ELS completed all phases of the Bank’s certification process, and drafted  the Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI); implemented the conservation easement, financial assurances, MBI maps;  prepared both As-built and Year 1-3 Monitoring reports;  initiated credit releases and drafted purchase, sales, and notice of transfer documents, and coordinated with the Inter-Agency Review Team (IRT).  The Bank was certified to sell mitigation bank credits in 2014 and has sold credits to private and public clients.

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