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Terrace Mitigation Bank

ELS was contracted by Rotschy to help form Terrace Mitigation Bank. This bank is a privately-owned, 113-acre wetland mitigation bank located in the eastern portion of the City of Vancouver, within Clark County, Washington.   The Bank is able to provide mitigation for authorized impacts to wetlands by restoring and rehabilitating approximately 89.15 acres of self-sustaining,…

East Fork Lewis Wetland Mitigation Bank

ELS is contracted by Habitat Bank, LLC for permitting and environmental documentation for establishment of a 110-acre wetland mitigation bank near La Center, Washington. The responsibilities of ELS included conducting a wetland determination and preparing a wetland determination report, preparing numerous permit applications at the local, state, and federal levels, assisting with the basis of design…

Trillium Mitigation Bank

ELS completed a draft wetland mitigation bank prospectus on 1,200 acres of privately owned land in the northern part of Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. ELS inventoried the site using the WESPAK-SE assessment. The site contains fens, bogs, forested wetlands and the highly functioning El Capitan Creek which provides spawning habitat for several…

Willow Grove Advance Mitigation Site

The Willow Grove Advance Mitigation Site is approximately 367 acres. The Port of Longview purchased the land with the intent to develop and later sold a portion of the site to the Columbia Land Trust (CLT) when the cost of development was determined to be undesirably high. The Port retained ownership of approximately 75 acres…

Remy Farm Consolidated Wetland Mitigation Site

Located on the former Remy Farm site owned by the City of Battle Ground, Washington, the Remy Farm Consolidated Mitigation Project rehabilitated and created approximately 60 acres of wetland and riparian habitat in the upper Mill Creek sub-basin within the City.  The project provides advanced mitigation, allowing for public infrastructure projects and other commercial development…

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