Willow Grove Advance Mitigation Site

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The Willow Grove Advance Mitigation Site is approximately 367 acres. The Port of Longview purchased the land with the intent to develop and later sold a portion of the site to the Columbia Land Trust (CLT) when the cost of development was determined to be undesirably high. The Port retained ownership of approximately 75 acres along Willow Grove Road and retained rights to receive any mitigation value generated by site improvements. The current proposal is to create a permittee-responsible advance mitigation site for wetland impacts that may occur during future development of Port-owned properties adjacent to the Columbia River. Ecological Land Services (ELS) completed a wetland assessment and wetland delineation, provided supporting documentation to the Port for the conceptual mitigation plan, and plays an ongoing role in peer review of reports and applications, and assistance with strategy, permitting, and agency negotiations.

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