Remy Farm Consolidated Wetland Mitigation Site

Located on the former Remy Farm site owned by the City of Battle Ground, Washington, the Remy Farm Consolidated Mitigation Project rehabilitated and created approximately 60 acres of wetland and riparian habitat in the upper Mill Creek sub-basin within the City.  The project provides advanced mitigation, allowing for public infrastructure projects and other commercial development to occur while at the same time consolidating their mitigation requirements to provide higher quality mitigation and greater functional lift within the watershed, similar to a wetland mitigation bank.  The project was approved by Ecology and the Corps of Engineers with site design construction and plant installation completed in 2012.

ELS completed the wetland delineation of the property largely based on hydrologic monitoring and subsequently completed all environmental permitting for the project including ESA documentation, a JARPA for Corps and Department of Fish and Wildlife approval, a SEPA, a grading permit, and a construction stormwater permit.  ELS also prepared the mitigation plan incorporating emergent, scrub-shrub, and forested wetland communities, upland woodland communities within the site’s buffer, and habitat features for wildlife.  A trail system with interpretive signage and public viewing areas will be part of a future phase of the project as requested by the City.  The Remy project involved extensive negotiation and coordination with the City, the Corps, and Ecology to obtain permits, establish credit ratios, and establish service area boundaries.

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