Portfolio Category: Permitting

Hartwood Park Trail and Pedestrian Bridge

ELS was contracted by Shell Engineering to complete an OHWM delineation, critical areas report, and restoration plan for the purpose of replacing a dilapidated pedestrian bridge adjacent to a Type-F stream located within a City park in Washougal, WA. The project also included improvements to the existing trail that leads to and from the pedestrian…

Warrenton-Hammond School District Permitting

ELS was contracted in 2018 by the Warrenton-Hammond School District (District) in Warrenton, Oregon to conduct cri1cal area feasibili1es on mul1ple large proper1es within the school district boundaries to help in the selec1on for their new school loca1on. ELS mapped preliminary wetland areas, streams, and other cri1cal areas on the proper1es and prepared a matrix…

Dark Fiber Project

ELS was contracted by the Port of Woodland to assist with permitting and critical area identification for a two-phase project. Phase 1 was the backbone of the project and included installing broadband fiberoptic lines on existing poles generally between Ariel and Cougar in Cowlitz County. Phase 1 was permitted in 2022 and construction was complete…

Clatsop County On-Call Services

ELS is currently contracted by Clatsop County Public Works to provide as-needed environmental services on a 2-year term (2023—2025). These services will be provided on a project specific basis, where ELS will develop a detailed scope and budget for each task order. Environmental work includes project specific feasibilities, field reconnaissance including ordinary high water mark…

Whitewater Takeouts

ELS was contracted by Gibbs & Olson (G&O) on behalf of Lewis County PUD for permitting services for improvements to three whitewater takeout locations for non-motorized vessels along Lake Scanewa, which is a reservoir on the Cispus River and Cowlitz River immediately above the Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project. ELS completed field work to map critical…

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