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Italian Creek Road Culvert

ELS is currently contracted by Cowlitz County Public Works under the existing on-call services contract for environmental permitting assistance for a culvert replacement project on Italian Creek Road near Kalama, Washington. To date, ELS has completed the field work including flagging the ordinary high water mark of the fish-bearing stream, collecting baseline data, and coordinating…

Kalama Elementary Delineation & Kalama Elementary/Middle School SEPA

ELS was contracted by the Kalama School District in 2018 to determine the extent of jurisdictional wetlands and waters within a school expansion area, north and south of their existing school complex. ELS delineated one wetland, one stream, and mapped several non-jurisdictional ditches. A determination report was written and included methods, field results, map of…

Woodland Marine Terminal

ELS biologists prepared environmental permit-applications for a proposed commercial dock terminal in Cowlitz County for the offloading of calcium carbonate that will eliminate the need for extra barging and costly truck delivery from Portland. Applications included an expanded SEPA environmental checklist designed to avoid the lengthy Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. In addition, the following…

Woodland High School Permitting

ELS was contracted by the Woodland School District to begin the environmental permitting process for location of a new high school.  ELS completed a wetland delineation on the proposed high school site and wrote the wetland delineation report.  Because wetlands are present on the property and wetland fill would be required to construct the high…

South Fork McCorkle Creek Detention Structure

The existing South Fork McCorkle Creek Detention Structure, located at the eastern terminus of Sparks Drive, in Lexington, is under local, state, and federal permit reviews to raise the crest height of the earthen structure by 15 feet. The proposed project will improve the structure’s flood storage capacity to moderate downstream flows and provide improved…

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